Welcome to EDFI - the Association of European Development Finance Institutions

EDFI is the Association of 15 bilateral institutions operating in developing and reforming economies, mandated by their governments to

-  foster growth in sustainable businesses
-  help reduce poverty and improve people's lives
-  contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals

by promoting economically, environmentally and socially sustainable development through financing and investing in profitable private sector enterprises.

The Association strives to strengthen information flow and cooperation between its members and other bilateral, multilateral and regional development finance institutions.

EDFI in figures:

Consolidated portfolio including un-disbursed commitments:

2013: €28.1 bln in 3.791 projects
2012: €26.0 bln in 4.705 projects
2011: €23.7 bln in 4.421 projects

Consolidated new projects established in:

2013: €5.8 bln in 614 projects
2012: €4.7 bln in 714 projects
2011: €4.8 bln in 821 projects

Board of Directors:

Jaakko Kangasniemi – Chair (Finnfund)
Claude Barras (Sifem/Obviam)
Claude Periou (Proparco)
Diana Noble (CDC)
Luuk Zonneveld (BIO)

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  • EDFI newsletter - August 2014

    EDFI newsletter - August 2014

    FMO and DEG support Sustainable Finance practices in Kenya FMO and DEG have agreed on a joint...

  • EDFI newsletter February 2014

    EDFI newsletter February 2014

    PROPARCO promotes the development of microfinance in Haiti PROPARCO signed a credit line in Haitian...

  • EDFI newsletter March 2014

    EDFI newsletter March 2014

    Norfund and FMO invest in first utility scale solar project in Rwanda FMO has arranged the Senior Debt...

  • EDFI newsletter April 2014

    EDFI newsletter April 2014

    EDFI promotes wind energy development in Kenya The largest wind park in sub-Saharan Africa will be...

  • EDFI newsletter May 2014

    EDFI newsletter May 2014

    Finnfund and Norfund: Promoting home purchase in Cambodia First Finance is Cambodia’s first, and so...

  • EDFI newsletter June 2014

    EDFI newsletter June 2014

    DEG, together with FMO and PROPARCO, launches SME Finance Innovation Award Small and medium-sized...

  • Evaluation of the Effectiveness of EDFI Support...

    Evaluation of the Effectiveness of EDFI Support...

    The members of EDFI have jointly commissioned an evaluation of the effectiveness of EDFI members’...

  • IFIs Harmonization Initiative

    IFIs Harmonization Initiative

    In October 2013, twelve members of the European Development Finance Institutions (EDFI) together...

  • EDFI newsletter September 2013

    EDFI newsletter September 2013

    Swedfund, BIO and FMO: Sierra Leone – Climbing Out of Poverty. In 2011, Swedfund, together with...

  • 2012 Annual Report

    2012 Annual Report

    EDFI 2012 ANNUAL REPORT on the EDFI activities, co-financing facilities EFP & ICCF and individual...

  • EDFI newsletter June 2013

    EDFI newsletter June 2013

    FMO, Finnfund and other partners invest in Althelia; Wind power company Cabeólica wins global green...

  • EDFI newsletter May 2013

    EDFI newsletter May 2013

    EDFI and Interact AGMs in Madrid; EDFI participates to the OECD report on Perspectives for Global...