Welcome to EDFI - the Association of European Development Finance Institutions

EDFI is the Association of 15 bilateral institutions operating in developing and reforming economies, mandated by their governments to
-  foster growth in sustainable businesses 
-  help reduce poverty and improve people's lives
-  contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
by promoting economically, environmentally and socially sustainable development through financing and investing in profitable private sector enterprises.
The Association strives to strengthen information flow and cooperation between its members and other bilateral, multilateral and regional development finance institutions.
EDFI in figures:
Consolidated portfolio including un-disbursed commitments:
2016: €38.1 bln in 4.576 projects
2015: €36.0 bln in 4.038 projects
2014: €32.9 bln in 4.006 projects
Consolidated new projects established in:
2016: €6.8 bln in 764 projects
2015: €6.0 bln in 530 projects
2014: €6.1 bln in 609 projects
Board of Directors:
Nanno Kleiterp - Chair
Bruno Wenn (DEG)
Kjell Roland (Norfund)
Andrea Hagmann (OeEB)
Grégory Clemente (Proparco)
Andrea Novelli (Simest)

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  • EDFI Flagship Report 2016

    EDFI Flagship Report 2016

    Investing to create jobs, boost growth and fight poverty

  • Bridging skills gaps report

    Bridging skills gaps report

    The study “Bridging the skills gaps in developing countries: A practical guide for private sector...

  • EDFI - Investing for a Greener Future

    EDFI - Investing for a Greener Future

    Mitigating climate change is an urgent global challenge and a top priority for the European Development...

  • EDFI Annual Report 2014

    EDFI Annual Report 2014

    EDFI 2014 ANNUAL REPORT on the EDFI activities, co-financing facilities EFP & ICCF and individual...

  • EDFI newsletter May 2015

    EDFI newsletter May 2015

    PROPARCO, DEG and FMO invest in “climate” projects in Latin America PROPARCO has made a USD 15 mln...

  • EDFI newsletter April 2015

    EDFI newsletter April 2015

    OeEB, FMO, Proparco take part in the financing of Central America's largest wind farm OeEB together...

  • EDFI newsletter March 2015

    EDFI newsletter March 2015

    KfW and BIO MSMEs in the DRC FPM SA (Fonds pour l’inclusion financière en République Démocratique...

  • EDFI newsletter February 2015

    EDFI newsletter February 2015

    DEG, FMO and Swedfund invest in Ghana Access to financial services is one of the major constraints...

  • EDFI newsletter January 2015

    EDFI newsletter January 2015

    PROPARCO, FMO and DEG partner with AKFED to support economic development in Southern...

  • EDFI newsletter December 2014

    EDFI newsletter December 2014

    BIO, CDC and FMO supports renewable energy in Africa BIO, FMO and CDC, are participating in the Africa...

  • EDFI newsletter November 2014

    EDFI newsletter November 2014

    Seven EDFI members invest in African SME fund CDC, DEG, Finnfund, FMO, PROPARCO, SIFEM and Swedfund...

  • Global African Investment Summit 2015

    Global African Investment Summit 2015

    EDFI will participate at the Global African Investment Summit 2015 in London on December 01-02, 2015...